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"English in French version"

Posted by Jean Pierre [jpm@mesnil.com] on at 11:41 AM
In the French version, during the order process we read the following text :
"Please take a moment to review the contents of your shopping cart. Press BACK to make changes or press CONTINUE to continue with the order process."


"Click here to Go Back and make changes to your order.
Click here to Continue the order process."
on the page /classes/display_cart.html

How can I change this text in a French version ?

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"RE: English in French version"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:27 AM
That text is controlled by the following two parameters of your uShopOrderButton applet:


So you'll want to make the change on the HTML page where your uShopOrderButton applet is located.

Refer to the uShop Applet Reference for a full listing of all of the uShopOrderButton parameters:


"It works"
Posted by Jean Pierre [jpm@mesnil.com] on at 11:21 AM
It works, Thank You