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"NOF5.0 and uShopInputButton1.class?"

Posted by banksw [banksw@eustis.army.mil] on at 08:27 AM
When i load uShopInputButton1.class on the Product page I can see it in Preview mode in NOF5.0 but not when I publish it? I checked the source code and it seems OK with only the 4 required parems of id, name, description and price. Any ideas or known probs w/NOF5.0?

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"RE: NOF5.0 and uShopInputButton1.class?"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 09:08 AM
Do you get any error messages in the status bar of your browser or in the Java Console when visiting your website? Perhaps something like "Unable to load applet...."?

Make sure that the uShopInputButton1.class file - and all of the required uShop .class files (uShopLibrary.class, uShopProducts.class, uShopCartBase.class, uShopMessageWindow.class) have been transferred to your server.

Otherwise, give me the URL of the problem page and I will take a look at it.

"NOF5.0 and uShopInputButton1.class?"
Posted by Walter Banks [banksw@eustis.army.mil] on at 11:17 AM
Thanks. I am doing a local publish and not to the server. All of the required .class files are in the NOF5.0 sub dir /Java/Applets.
Note: when grayed out area is touched the following msg in the browser:

Exception: java.lang.Class...Notfound: uShopProducts.

The products class is in the directory. thanks walt

"RE: NOF5.0 and uShopInputButton1.class?"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:22 AM
I'm not that familiar with Net Objects Fusion, so I don't quite understand the difference of "preview" versus "publish". (Although I would have guessed that "publish" meant to put the pages out on the web site). In any case, if you say that the uShopProducts.class is located in the same /Java/Applets directory as all of your other class files, but you are still seeing that "not found" error when "publishing" your pages, then it may have to do with the search path that NOF is using on your local computer. As a test, I would suggest to try opening the same HTML page with a regular browser (Netscape or IE) - and see if the applet successfully loads then. If it does, then the problem may indeed be your NOF configuration. If it doesn't, then there may be a problem in the HTML/applet parameters - in which case, if you put the page on your website or just send me the HTML, I will take a look at it.