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"MS Access Database help"

Posted by Scott Kappler [skappler@kei-telecom.com] on at 10:30 PM
I am working on a new store - I dont really know much about databases, but MySQL is not supported by my host's servers at this time. I heard there was a way to create a database with MS Access to use as the back-end of the store - Can anyone help me with this? ( I will CC this to Tech support) Thanks a lot!

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"Using a Database with uShop"
Posted by Microburst Support Team [support@uburst.com] on at 07:12 AM
We get a lot of requests for a database interface for uShop, but in the simplest of terms, if your store's pages can access ANY database, then you can dynamically populate any of uShop's applets with data pulled from your database.

Most people looking for a database interface for uShop are, above anything else, looking for a way to pull product data (item name, price, pictures, etc) from a database where they have hundreds or even thousands of products, and then dynamically generate their store pages and uShop applets from this data. If they can do this, then they don't have to hard code hundreds of pages and applets with their product data.

So if, for example, your store pages were written with MS FrontPage and you want to pull product data from an Access database, then as long as you can know how to work with FrontPage to get it to read your database, then the rest is easy. (By the way, FrontPage 2002 comes with a Database Interface Wizard to help you, although I have never used it). So on your FrontPage-built store page where you want to put a uShop applet, you read your product data from your database before you spit out the applet code, and then you dynamically construct your applet with the fields from your database.

I use this example because Scott asked specifically about FrontPage and Access. However, there are other solutions - Cold Fusion pages and an Access database, PHP pages and a MySQL database, and there are others. uShop does not limit you from the type of database you can use, just as long as you can access your database from your web-readable pages, then you can plop down any uShop applet and dynamically fill in the parameters with database data.

Additionally, there is more information posted in this support forum about using PHP and MySQL... http://www.uburst.com/dcforum/ushop_database_ideas/1.html

"UShop and Databases"
Posted by Brian Levine [bjlevine@hotmail.com] on at 12:32 PM
Assuming that your server runs under Windows NT, you can use Access as your DB, and ASP as your scripting language.

Posted by oliver [oliverg1@hotmail.com] on at 06:50 PM
I would appreciate if you could mention if the output has GONE from MSaccess to ASP... If there is a way of interfacing that?

"Interfacing Access using ASP"
Posted by Brian Levine [blevine@cfl.rr.com] on at 09:02 AM
Can you read from Access tables using ASP. I assume so, since they're both Microsoft products. However, Access was never intended to be a high-performance, server-based data engine (Microsoft markets SQL Server as that solution).

Either way, what you'll have to do, in effect, is to translate the PHP code I provided, into ASP. There is probably a more visual way to do this using Frontpage, but I'm unfamiliar with it. There is tons of online info on ASP available, though.

Anyone else have thoughts?