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"Schedule "

Posted by nilsscheidhauer [nils.scheidhauer@a-s-l.de] on at 05:34 AM
We are an aircraft maintenance center and your software would be mainly used to provide customers a) with a view on which hangar is planned/currently occupied b) request slots for certain hangars.

What I need, is the possibility to change the timeframe up to monthly/quarter, and the opportunity to make reservation request on a daily bases.
Another important thing would be the possibility of having at least two different type of status of reservation, like: request and approved. If a timeframe has been request but not yet approved, other customers should still be able to post a reservation request.
To avoid misuse of the system, only registered customers should be able to post a request.

I also would be interested in downloading and testing the product on our server before I order it.

Best regards
Nils Scheidhauer

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"RE: Schedule"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 07:22 AM
Thank you for your interest in uReserve. In regard to your questions:

1) At this time, there is no easy way to re-configure uReserve's time frame to be based on days/months/quarters instead of daily half-hour increments.

2) At this time, there is also no way to configure multiple reservation status "requested" and "approved" indicators - but we have had a few other requests for that feature... so perhaps in a future release.

3) At this time, there is also no way (internal to uReserve) to restrict who is allowed to make reservations. This feature too has been requested by others and should be making it into an upcoming release.

4) And finally, unfortunately we do not have a trial version of uReserve at this time.

*Note the above answers are based on uReserve's capabilies as of 1/9/2001. Check the uReserve website ( http://www.uburst.com/uReserve ) for the lastest features and other information.

"Thanks for your reply"
Posted by nilsscheidhauer [nils.scheidhauer@a-s-l.de] on at 03:14 AM
Is it possible to be notified about future releases of ureserve?

Nils Scheidhauer

"RE: Thanks for your reply"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:17 AM
No problem. I'll add you to our email notification list for uReserve.