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"Comments box"

Posted by dave on at 02:43 AM
I have been using u-shop for a few years now, been great.

I noticed a problem with the additional comments area on the order form. I am using 3.50 and the same order_templet from the samples it came with.

Text goes in fine, The same as it is doing here now with this form. You don't hit return, the text will just flow or wrap to the next line. although, when I go to the next page of the order procces the text in the comments area stays on one line and goes off the right side of the screen, taking the comments area with it.

I went to the u-shop demo and the same thing happened there. Any ideas on this? Thank you.

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"RE: Comments box"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 07:52 AM
I've seen that happen before... although, I can't seem to replicate it on our online demos. Hmmm?

In anycase, I believe it is just related to the TABLE cell sizing on the order_template.html file. So on your "order_template.html" file, maybe try locating the TABLE cell that directly contains your "comments" textarea and specifically specify a WIDTH for it, such as:

< TD WIDTH=290 >

That may help.

"Comments box"
Posted by dave on at 08:32 AM
After sleeping for about five minutes I thought about the way I entered the text. I didn't leave any spaces between anything. I just held down a few keys to get something in there. like, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklllllllllllllllllllllllllmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhh yea, I know, just thought I would try it here.

I don't think I will get many customers adding comments with out any spaces between the words.

This did bring up another question though.
In the credit card form.
We have been asking the customer to enter the number with a - dash between each set of four numbers the same way it is shown on there card. Most do not seem to want to do this. I agree, I should not be asking them to enter it any special way. Is there a way to make that one field be split in to four, such as, [4444] [4444] [4444] [4444] I am either getting old or it is just hard to read 16 numbers all together with no spaces. Any ideas on this?

Thank you.