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"URGENT PLEASE - SUDDEN PROBLEM - Orders not registering"

Posted by Mike G. [sales@wellscan.ca] on at 02:26 PM
We've been using uShop very successfuly for the past year and a half but today soemhting very strange has gobe wrong.

We received an order which was confirmed by email. Then when I went to retrieve the details of the order through the order reader, I saw that one order was rthere waiting to be retrieved, but when I tried to read it, it shopwed only a blank form that I have cut and paste below:

Date :


Shipping Method:



Payment Method: UNKNOWN

======================end of cut and paste===========================

Please help. Nothing has changed with any scripts, and now we have this sudden problem.

Thanks for any help.

(I did a Diagnostics Test and everything reports to be fine.)

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"RE: URGENT PLEASE - SUDDEN PROBLEM - Orders not registering"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:39 AM
Is the problem occurring with every order? If so, give me the URL and I will check it out.

Otherwise, if you send the exact ".order" file to us at "support@uburst.com", we should be able to tell exactly what happened.