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"Class files"

Posted by Norma Scott [Norma@thesteelsource.com] on at 06:33 PM
I have multiple search engines indexing the class files as per the following information. This is really eating up my bandwidth allowed. I have a robots.txt file to block the classes directory, but I understand many search engines don't pay attention to it. Do you have any ideas how I can keep everything except UShop itself away from the class files? Thank you.

Statistics for thesteelsource.com
Last record: 18:59:59 12/10/02
Generated at: 02:01:48 12/11/02


30 of 1557 Requested URL's
# Hits URL
1 9428 /classes/uShopCart2.class
2 9342 /classes/uShopCartBase.class
3 9305 /classes/uShopLibrary.class
4 9254 /classes/uShopInternational.class
5 9142 /classes/uShopData.class
6 9138 /classes/uShopProduct.class
7 7745 /classes/uShopInput3.class
8 3503 /
9 1878 /classes/uShopInput4.class
10 1295 /html/medievalbattleready.htm
11 1081 /html/lotr.htm
12 961 /html/medieval.htm
13 912 /html/fantasy.htm
14 771 /html/axe.htm
15 769 /html/ninja.htm
16 711 /html/samurai.htm
17 698 /html/suits.htm
18 697 /html/movie.htm
19 685 /html/daggers.htm
20 630 /html/medieval2.htm
21 607 /html/kitrae.htm
22 602 /html/clothing.htm
23 602 /classes/uShopCartBaseBeanInfo.class
24 586 /html/shield.htm
25 575 /classes/uShopCart2BeanInfo.class
26 560 /html/maequip.htm
27 529 /html/jewelry.htm
28 524 /html/helms.htm
29 516 /favicon.ico
30 497 /classes/uShopInput3BeanInfo.class

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"RE: Class files"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 08:05 AM
Are you sure it is really search engines that are requesting those "class" files?

The class files listed there are really uShop's main class files and are required by pretty much any applet. So anyone accessing any of your pages would need to have those particular class files requested once. So if you had around 9,000 visitors to your online store pages... then that's what those numbers are corresponding to.

"Class files"
Posted by Norma Scott on at 09:26 PM
Well, my website host said he thought it was search engines. The statistics include international.class and the beaninfo classes, which I don't use. I use the cart and input class files only.
I understood that these statistics are where people or search engines are entering our site. If it were just files being accessed, then our logo .jpg file should have more hits than any file since it's on every page.
How can I determine which Ushop class files I can safely delete? I figure that's one way around it, although I have NO class files with the word Bean in them (I heard that has to do with Java?), so I don't know where those are coming from.