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"Where are wrong e-Mail Adresse Orders are sent to ?"

Posted by ralf schwab [nodar@mail.augustanet.de] on at 01:31 PM

what happens if a user uses a wrong e-Mail Adress
in the order form ?
Ok, i recieve the order, but who recieves the
(wrong) order confirmation ?

With best regards

schwab ralf

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"E-mail address typed incorrectly"
Posted by Microburst Support Team [support@uburst.com] on at 02:30 PM
Unfortunately, the order confirmation will be lost if the e-mail address is totally invalid. If the domain was at least typed correctly (the part after the @) it will go to a catch-all admin account on that domain's mail server...and likely never make it to the customer.

You really don't have any control over this, however, by requiring a phone number or additional contact information from your customer when they fill out the order form, you would always have a second method of contacting the customer if you happen to try to e-mail them and the e-mail is returned undeliverable.

"Possible to get an info if a email doesnt exist ?"
Posted by Ralf Schwab [nodar@mail.augustanet.de] on at 03:38 PM

is there no way to get the wrong email
back (to the adress where normal emails are sent?).
So i can see that this user gave us a wrong
If is send a email to a not existing email
account, i get the email back with an error
report - is this not possible with the ushop
order system (that i get an information that
the account doesnt exist ?).

Best wishes
merry chrismas

ralf schwab