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"email notification"

Posted by Kerry Schenker [ism@isminternet.com] on at 10:23 AM
When I test the email in the diognostic area I am told the email has been sent to the address that I put in. But I never receive it. I am running Linux Red Hat 7.2 and have the setting at "Sockets"

Can you help?


Kerry Schenker

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"Sockets email"
Posted by Microburst Support Team on at 06:31 AM
You may need to change some of the SOCKET settings in the script. Open your ushop-lib.pl script and locate the following 5 lines near the top of the script:

#use Socket;
$AF_INET = 2;

Try uncommenting the first 3 lines and commenting out the last 2 lines... by adding/removing # signs as shown below:

use Socket;
#$AF_INET = 2;

This is often necessary to get the SOCKETS email option to work on Unix servers.