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"Applets take a long time to load..."

Posted by Joeseph [joe@joe.com] on at 10:23 AM
Is it even possible with Applets to add a "Please wait while loading..." to the grey area while it loads?

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"RE: Applets take a long time to load..."
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 11:10 AM
Most of the applets are under 20K so they should be loading pretty quick, however, if you really want to display some sort of a "please wait" message, then you may be able to setup something by utilizing the JavaScript function "onLoad" in the BODY portion of your HTML. I believe that function is called once everything on a page loads...so you can try coming up with something there. (FYI: The "onLoad" function is just standard JavaScript stuff...totally independent of uShop).

Otherwise, you can trick the applets to load quicker by putting an applet...like the uShopCart applet on one of your main website pages. By just having that applet on a page that loads before the customer is even in the store will take care of loading the uShopLibrary.class, the uShopProducts.class, and several other general classes ahead of time. Set the WIDTH and HEIGHT of the applet to 2 by 2...and the applet will be virtually invisible.

And one last option is to put the message "please wait" right in between the area on your page where you are defining an applets parameters. This will display that text until the applet starts. Note, however, that I don't think that will work on all browsers.

"The last option"
Posted by Joeseph [joe@joe.com] on at 03:26 PM
The third option intrigues me- can you give an example of some HTML?

"RE: The last option"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:37 AM
What I was meaning was to do something like this in your HTML:

APPLET CODE = "uShopInputButton1.class" WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=35
Please Wait....
PARAM NAME=name VALUE="Romeo & Juliet"
PARAM NAME=description VALUE="hard cover"
PARAM NAME=price VALUE="$ 19.95"
PARAM NAME=background VALUE="153,204,255"
PARAM NAME=popupwindow VALUE="NO"

Notice where I put the "Please wait..." within the applets HTML.

Anyway, I hadn't tried that in a long time...and just testing that method now with the latest versions of Netscape and IE...doesn't seem to work. That is, the grey (or white) box appears to just hide the message while the applets loads anyway... So I guess you'll have to go with methods 1 or 2. Otherwise, we'll see what we can do about building some kind of "please wait while loading" indicator into the next release.