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"Verify by Visa"

Posted by Marcel Emmen [info@emmenmode.com] on at 03:40 PM
Hi there,

I just have read about Verify by Visa with Verify by Visa a transaction is more secure and chargeback or creditcard fraud is garantuee for shop owners. Is there already been look at to see if it's possible to integrate this in Ushop?

Thank you

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"Re: Verify by Visa "
Posted by Microburst Support Team on at 08:46 PM
The verify by Visa method of transaction will provide Visa card holders with an additional level of security by allowing the card holder to create a password that can be used along with the credit card. However, the issuing bank or the payment gateway will still be the mechanism by which the transaction is approved or not. We will have to see if the individual payment gateways will be providing this service to the merchant or not.

"Verify by Visa"
Posted by Marcel Emmen [info@emmenmode.nl] on at 09:51 AM
Here in Europe there are already banks and payment service providers which offer this new security. These banks and service providers give shop owners 100% garantuee for fraud or chargeback.