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"Where to download Authorize.net .pl files"

Posted by torrence [tethomas@onlineaccesscards.com] on at 01:40 PM
Just wanted to know where I can get the perl scripts for Authorize.net processing. Can't seem to find them in anywhere in the ushop file folder.


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"RE: Where to download Authorize.net .pl files"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 03:50 AM
The uShop Authorize.Net interface is built-in to uShop and can be configured via the uShop Control Panel. (Under GENERAL SETTINGS - PAYMENT OPTIONS)

"Authorize Help Thanks."
Posted by torrence [tethomas@onlineaccesscards.com] on at 12:35 PM
LAST EDITED ON Sep-06-02 AT 12:35 PM (EST)

I'm such a certified idiot. Thanks. I think that I'll be able to add the additional 'x' tags that they require for the additional fields and options.