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"InputApplet uShopInput20"

Posted by bluesoft [bluesoft@bluesoft.se] on at 08:35 AM
The price column of uShopInput20 does not change based on item selected and the quantity as e.g. uShopInput 17 and 18 does.

Is this a bug or is it working as it is supposed to??

If it is working as it is supposed to, is there a way to change it so it will reflect the value of "price" and "quantity"?

Or have I missed a setting in the JavaScript code?

I have set Param Name qty to 1, Show_qty to YES and Show_price to YES.

Using Ushop v3.5, Swedish version.

Jan Swartling
Blue Soft

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"RE: InputApplet uShopInput20"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:55 AM
At this time, the uShopInput20 applet just displays the base price of the product... but I don't see why we couldn't make the price display be updated based on the quantity/selected option, so I'll add it to our future feature wishlist for possible implementation in a future release.

"RE: InputApplet uShopInput20"
Posted by Jan Swartling [bluesoft@bluesoft.se] on at 07:42 AM
Thanks, I would appreciate it.

This applet is an excellent one which could be even better with the computed price update.

This applet saves a lot of code and as far as I can tell it is also the only one that can link to a picture or another html page, which make it very useful.

May I also suggest the inclusion of the "link to other pages"-function to some of the other applets as well.

Jan Swartling
Blue Soft