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"login problems"

Posted by Jeff Baas [mvisions@pclink.com] on at 11:01 AM
My web host gave me a directory other than cgi-bin to place my scripts. When I try to log in from my browser by pointing to that directory, I get the login screen, but when I enter my password, it bounces me over the cgi-bin instead and gives me a 404 error. What do I need to do to keep it searching in the directory where the scripts actually are?

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"RE: login problems"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 08:11 AM
Make sure configuration question #4 in your ushop.pl script (th $secure_script_url setting) is properly set to the actual URL of your script on your server.

"configuration set correctly, problem still exists"
Posted by Jeff [mvisions@pclink.com] on at 02:37 PM
The configuration for question 4 in the ushop.pl script, as copied directly from the script, is:

# 4. What is the secure URL of this script?
$secure_script_url = "https://mastervisions.com/cgi-mastervisions/ushop.pl";

The URL that accesses the login screen, as copied directly from the browser, is:


When I try to log in from that URL, I get the following URL:


After having my hosting company look into this, they made some fixes that now result in me receiving an Illegal Referrer Page error. I contacted the hosting company again and they said that such an error would come from the script. The problems with the script are preventing the script from processing orders, as I described in a posting on the Problems Trying to Place Orders forum. I would appreciate any information you could give me to enable me to get our shopping cart functioning properly. Thanks.

"RE: configuration set correctly, problem still exists"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 04:34 AM
When I go to the URL of your script at:


... and view the source of the login form, I see that the login form will get posted to the URL:


This indicates that your script at:


... has configuration question #4 set to:

$secure_script_url = "https://www.mastervisions.com/cgi-bin/ushop.pl";

So check again and make sure your script at:


... has configuration question #4 properly set to:

$secure_script_url = "https://mastervisions.com/cgi-mastervisions/ushop.pl";

And to make things less confusing, go ahead and delete any other copies of the "ushop.pl" script on your website... especially the "ushop.pl" script located at:


This will make sure you know which copy of the ushop.pl script is actually being used.

"still does not work"
Posted by Jeff [mvisions@pclink.com] on at 10:53 AM
Our site script still does not work.

Our configuration for question 4 is as follows:

# 4. What is the secure URL of this script?
$secure_script_url = "https://mastervisions.com/cgi-mastervisions/ushop.pl";

That is exactly how it appears in the script. I copied the two lines directly out of the script.

I have done the same thing with the following url, copying it directly from the address box of my browser.


Neither of the lines above has been typed into this post. Both of them were copied and pasted into this post. So unless you see something in either that we have missed in dozens of times comparing them, please don't tell us again that the only problem is that we must have entered the configuration information wrong.

Since your last message, we followed your recommendation and deleted the duplicate scripts in the cgi-bin directory we had used in our first upload. That has merely changed the problem. Now instead of getting an Illegal Referrer error, We get a CGIWrap error and a message indicating that either the file could not be found or permissions were incorrect. We have set the permissions for the cgi-mastervisions file and the three scripts to 755. The data file is set to 777 and the three templates within it are set to 644.

I apologize if the tone of this post is a little sharp. I'm concerned about the fact that my client has been unable to process orders on his website from Thursday through today. Any help you can give us on solving this problem would be greatly appreciated.

"RE: still does not work"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:03 AM
As per our phone conversation, since even the basic "cgitest.pl" script does not work on your site, you need to contact your web hosting provider and have them resolve the configuration problem with your web hosting account not executing CGI scripts. My bet (since you mentioned that uShop 2.x was working fine in your cgi-bin) ... is that your "cgi-mastervisions" directory needs to be renamed back to cgi-bin.

But again, just show your web hosting provider that that most basic of CGI scripts - cgitest.pl - is not working on your server and they will be able to recognize the configuration problem with your server.

Posted by Jeff [mvisions@pclink.com] on at 07:14 AM
Thanks much for going the extra mile for us. Our hosting company accepted responsibility and fixed the problem. We can now log in and process orders normally. Again, many thanks for your extra effort.