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"paypal compatibility"

Posted by arion [arion01a@aol.com] on at 12:28 PM
is ushop compatable with paypal??

please let me know.


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"RE: paypal compatibility"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 04:46 AM

We have an experimental PayPal interface listed in the "03/04/2001" posting at:


That experimental interface works without the use of the uShop CGI script so you won't get all the tax/shipping calculation features available with the use of the uShop CGI script... nor receive the response back from PayPal.

We actually do have a more integrated PayPal interface that is driven by the uShop CGI script and will allow the use of all of the uShop CGI script features and will process responses back from PayPal... but we won't be releasing that until uShop 4.0 (at least another 2 months).


Or as a another option now, the following posting is from another uShop user who modified uShop's "custom payment" option to interface with uShop... so you may want to check that out: