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"Image and Checkout Process"

Posted by Matt [matt@websystemz.com] on at 10:57 AM
A strange occurrence has seemed to happen to an applet of mine.

It seems rather obvious to me, if you have a "checkout" image, you should be able to replace that with the image that comes with uShop, right? Well, I successfully did that.

The uShopOrderButton applet specifies, the width and height measurements of w=206 h=76. I substituted the image correctly, I can see it. I set the APPLET size to the size of the image at w=85 h=20, EXPECTING to see the image fully. The problem is, no matter what, I resize the image with some software, readjust it, change it, it STILL only shows the "CHECKOU" instead of the full image "CHECKOUT >"

It has white space to the left. The applet IS in fact at w=85 h=20, but I cannot get rid of that white space no matter what I do?!!

See what I mean, take a visit here... the EXACT setup what I'm TRYING to do, and what I CAN do.


Tell me please.... WHY is this happening?

Thanks again team...


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"uShopOrderButton applet"
Posted by Microburst Support Team [support@uburst.com] on at 06:53 AM
Are you sure you don't have some old images cached in your browser, and perhaps these are what you are seeing?

I went to your link and neither the second or third graphic on the page was cut off in the applets as you described (CHECKOU instead of CHECKOUT). I could see the entire graphic. In fact, your second example worked perfect, the way I think you want it to work. Your third example showed blank (gray space) on the right because the applet is sized bigger than the graphic.

By the way, I tried looking at your link with IE and Netscape and had the same results.

Maybe I am not understanding you correctly...

Posted by Matt [matt@websystemz.com] on at 11:19 AM
I've worked in tech support for nearly 12 years! I've cleared the cache, through the browser and manually. I've even gone into the registry to make sure everything was reset to the browser. No cookies, no temps, no cache!

I don't understand why my browser was having issues with the applet and image showing incorrectly.

Maybe it's a rogue image somewhere then as you say, but it's not anything that I have been able to successfully find! Having shut down and restarting my browser, did nothing. I'm using XP, however, it seems to be that the ONLY way this was resolved was in a restart, of the PC!

Something a bit odd... maybe an issue with XP and IE 6. I too, tried NS4.7 and NS6.2.2, same result, until I restarted. ODD!

Thanks for replies on the post.... keep up the good work support!


"RE: Image and Checkout Process"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:58 AM
Yes, all of the images on your test page look fine to me also. After making adjustments to the applet's WIDTH, HEIGHT and IMAGE, did you exit/restart your browser?