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"Virtual Java Machine"

Posted by Matt [matt@websystemz.com] on at 02:17 PM
A couple times over the last few months, I've had people email me asking, "Why do I keep getting the message prompt telling me to download virtual java machine?"

These people are primarily with users that are currently using Windows XP. Is there an issue with Virtual Machine that needs to downloaded in order to see the applets of uShop? (3.0)

Please advise... thanks,
Matt Kachurak

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"Applets on Windows XP"
Posted by Microburst Support Team [support@uburst.com] on at 02:53 PM
Prior to Windows XP, Microsoft delivered the jvm with their operating systems...and in order for java applets to work on Windows XP systems, the jvm needs to be downloaded first, thus the message that is being displayed.

Java applets are not just used by uShop...sites as big as www.weather.com use them too! If your Windows XP-platform customers had visited any other website using java applets before visiting your store, they would have been prompted to download the jvm from that website instead of yours, because once the jvm is downloaded, they would not be prompted to load it again.

"Thanks support...."
Posted by Matt [matt@websystemz.com] on at 06:08 PM
You know, I've been a customer with you guys for quite some time. I've never seen the response, clarity, timeliness and knowledge of a support team to the extent of yours. Thanks for being there all the time.

I also wanted to comment that I think your boards/forums are probably one of the best resources that you have, never take it offline!!!

Thanks again.... superb job support team!

Matt - A happy customer

"Thank you"
Posted by Peter Reg [support@aus-icon.com] on at 05:30 PM
I would also like to extend my thanks for all the support as well as making a product that actually delivers on what it promises.
Especially thanks to Bill W. who has been great.

"Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine"
Posted by Microburst Support Team [support@uburst.com] on at 03:18 PM
For further reading, here is the URL to Microsoft's Java site:

The following URL provides some insight into Microsoft's thinking about the jvm:

"Java Virtual Machine"
Posted by Ron Harter [ron@ronharter.com] on at 01:48 PM
Just for information Microsoft no longer provides automatic downloads of the virtual machine. Can't say I blame them since Sun sued them.
You get the plugin for XP at Sun's site now:



"virtual machine for windows xp"
Posted by Rochelle Norris [norris@grrtech.com] on at 09:45 AM
I realize this is not of your doing but is there any way around this, I have used your shopping cart successfully for several years and think it's the best!!!!! but will customers want to download this needed java file just to place an order from our website, it takes 15-30 minutes ???

"RE: virtual machine for windows xp"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 04:53 AM
As mentioned above, there are many big/common websites out there that are using Java... so it's really just a case of if the customer has visited any of those websites before.

"Java Applets not loading"
Posted by RadioPet [Info@radiopet.com] on at 05:25 PM

I am a bit concerned, I just updated from XP HOME to XP Professional and my applets for USHOP always worked before..now they do not..it just looks like a image that never loaded....what do I do to be able to actually see the scripts on my computer..much less having EVERYONE else be able to see it....Any help would be great..thanks


"RE: Java Applets not loading"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:48 AM
When it comes to Java Applets on Windows XP machines, technically, the problem is not that XP does not include the JVM, but rather that the latest version of IE does not include a JVM. That is, as of IE 5.5 (and later) ... Internet Explorer browsers do not include JVM for running applets. Thus, IE 5.5 (and later) users must download the Java Plug-in seperately in order for their browser to support Java. This will effect anyone (Windows XP... Windows 98, Windows 2000, etc.) using the latest versions of IE.

Associating XP with needing to download the plug-in... probably relates to when the OS was upgraded to Windows XP (or XP Professional) the version of Internet Explorer may have also gotten upgraded and thus, the Java plug-in for the IE 5.5 or IE 6.x needs to be downloaded.

If using an IE browser, usually the download of the Java plug-in will be automatic the first time the user visits any website that uses Java.

If using a Netscape 6.x browser (which also now use the Java plug-in), the Java plug-in may or may not be automatically downloaded the first time the user visits any website that uses Java. (Sometimes Netscape browsers make you "Click Here" to download the plug-in).

So what browser version are you using... and does it have the Java plug-in yet?

If so, then give me the URL and I will take a look at your site.

"Thanks Bill"
Posted by RadioPet [Info@radiopet.com] on at 09:49 AM

As usual you are right on top of things...thanks for the wonderful support. To be honest with you the support here is beyond compare for the small price users pay for the product....great job and again thanks !

Paul Abernathy