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"Resource Name change/text file change"

Posted by Gloria on at 02:07 PM
We need to change the resource names and I understand that although it's not recommended, it can be done if each of the text files are changed as well.

Has anyone been successful in trying this or are there more pitfalls?

Will this be an option in the new release?

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"Resource Name change/text file change"
Posted by Microburst Support Team [support@uburst.com] on at 06:47 AM
If you need to change a resource name, or move reservations from one resource to another, this can be accomplished by downloading your current reservation text files (from the data directory on your server), then editing each one manually, using a text editor, to modify the resource name. Save your changes, then re-upload the text files in ASCII format to your data directory (replacing the current data files).

This is not a feature of uReserve v3.0 (which, btw, is being called uReserve Deluxe), however, we will try to add this to uReserve Deluxe before the year's end.

uReserve Deluxe will however have many other new features which have been suggested in the future features wishlist of this forum, such as:

Generate and then print, e-mail or save schedule reports to a file

Change your schedule view from weekly to daily or monthly

Create reservations as pending until admin approval

Delete recurring reservations

Configure the calendar for 15-min, 30-min or 1 hour timeslots

Restrict viewing of reservation details to the admin only

Configure "Blackout" days or dates, and time per resource to prevent reservations from being made when a resource is unavailable

Specify special information to add to email notifications/receipts of reservations for the administrator and/or user.

Configure a fixed reservation length or max reservation length per resource

Specify an admin password per resource, which can override all reservation passwords

Specify an authorization level per resource to control which resources require authorization and which do not

Create an "Authorized Users" list per resource to limit who is allowed to make reservations

Use a convenient admin panel to approve or reject pending reservations, and automatically e-mail the reservee with the status change

...and much more!

For anyone interested, uReserve Deluxe will be available from our online store beginning August 11, 2003.