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"Modifying Name Field"

Posted by Ron Harter [rgharter@pacbell.net] on at 11:27 PM
We would like to start using the NAME field for the warehouse location of our products. Instead of:
I would like the order form and display cart pages to show:

We have four warehouses now and it is more important to show this for the order pullers. I can put the part name in the description field.

Thank You
Ron Harter

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"RE: Modifying Name Field"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:31 AM
To change the "NAME" label, you'll need to utilize the uShopInitialize applet and set the "cart_label_name" parameter of that applet accordingly. Such as:

Note that the new label won't take effect until the customer views the page with the uShopInitialize applet on it at least once.... so you'd want to put the uShopInitialize applet on a store entry page or frame that most customers will see. Depending on how you have your store setup, the page with the shopping cart applet and/or the uShopOrderButton applet might be good choices also.

"Modifying Name Field"
Posted by Ron Harter [rgharter@pacbell.net] on at 11:15 AM
Thanks that works fine. Never paid much attention to that feature. I guess I thought it was for Euro only.