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"Looking for a Merchant account"

Posted by M Ulm [monteulm@hotmail.com] on at 10:47 AM
I'm having trouble deciding which credit card service to use with ushop. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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"RE: Looking for a Merchant account"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:27 AM
I'm not sure of all the different rates/fees that the different payment processing systems charge (someone else here is in charge of that stuff)... but I can say that we have been using CardService International with Authorize.Net and that has seemed to work well.

"Merchant Account"
Posted by Brian Levine [blevine@cfl.rr.com] on at 09:40 AM
I concur. We've been using Card Service International for about 3 years and found them to be very good, as well as very competitive rate-wise.