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"AOL browser compatibility"

Posted by Leighton on at 06:52 AM
I have recently had a couple of customers saying they couldn't checkout. They say the page hangs on the PLEASE WAIT page after pressing the order applet. Anybody else have this problem or know the solution. I have Ushop 3.40 UK but am unable to check in an AOL browser without subscribing first!

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"AOL browser compatibility"
Posted by Leighton on at 07:09 AM
I forgot to add that my customers told me that products do not appear in the small cart when added (different frame) but do appear in the main shopping cart (same frame). This is the url http://www.ethosbaby.com if anyone wants to take a look using an AOL browser. I thought AOL wouldn't be a problem as its based on IE... how wrong am I!

"RE: AOL browser compatibility"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 04:52 AM
Yes, uShop works fine with AOL browsers.

If you are having any problems, then here are some things to check:

1) With your AOL browser, try out our online demo at:


We know that demo is configured correctly, so by placing a test order there, you can verify whether the problem is related to your HTML or your browser.

2) Also, since the AOL browser is based on IE, you should be sure to be using at least uShop version 3.45... with the improved "display_cart.html" pages. Refer to:


3) Also, if you mention that items are not being added to the cart on different pages, then make sure you have the codebase setting of ALL of your applets set to EXACTLY the same value, as described at:


4) And finally, if you mention that items are still not being added to the cart, what OS are you using? Read the latest on compatibility with the Macintosh version of IE at:


"AOL Browser compatibility"
Posted by Ron Harter [ron@ronharter.com] on at 08:13 PM
You might want to be sure your customers aren't beta testers on AOL. They are testing AOL with Netscape 6 built in now, and it doesn't seem to work on my sites either.
On my site it comes up on the home page ok but if I try to go to another page it locks up. I haven't even been able to try the shopping cart part yet.