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Posted by Jared Allen [jared@chironexsoftware.com] on at 07:32 AM
Are there any docs available for V2.0 , mainly regarding the java applets and the methods that can be called from java script.

on another issue is there any way to get the ushop order applet to send it's vars in POST not GET to the backend script (V2.0)


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"RE: V2.0"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:20 AM

All of the uShop 2.x references can be found at:


In regard to uShop 2.x and JavaScripts, unfortunately uShop 2.x did not have an interface for JavaScripts.

And in regard to using a POST instead of a GET in uShop 2.x, unfortunately, that was not possible in uShop 2.x either.

Both of those particular features were not added/made possible until uShop 3.x.