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"Background Color"

Posted by Oli [reg@fxfortress.ca] on at 09:17 PM
I am having trouble with the order_template file.

I have setup the cart at http://www.naturalhealthcollege.com/register_course3.htm.

First the Cart goes to the orderform with the uShopOrderButton.class applet. Then, when it continues on to the display_cart.html page, it doesn't take on the background color that I specified in the template.

I am using IE 6. I also clear my cache and wipe the temporary files/cookies and history manually.

Still, I am getting the white background instead of the bgcolor that I am trying to specify.

Please help, seems so simple, yet.....

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"RE: Background Color"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:48 AM
As you've probably noticed with version 3.45 (and later), uShop now uses 2 different "display_cart" pages. (The "display_cart" page is the page that gets displayed after the user presses the uShopOrderButton.) Due to browser differences we had to have two different "display_cart" pages... one for IE browser and one for Netscape browsers. Each page uses a different technique to display the shopping cart data.

For IE browsers, the "display_cart2.html" page is used and the technique used on that particular page will cause the BODY line of your template_cart.html page to be overridden. So to get your background color to appear correctly, you have to manually edit the "display_cart2.html" page and put your background color in there too.