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"Display cart does not show contents"

Posted by joatt [timmins@nelsonbay.com] on at 07:54 AM
Some issues I have with my shopping cart
1. When testing online "Add" function buttons are slow to react even though item is added to cart at other instances they seem fine.
2. All items and prices show up in small and large cart fine, but are not displayed in Review Order/Display Cart window, the items that are displayed there can`t be cleared. It did function at one stage on my PC which makes me think that during tweeking, testing up/downloading I have missdirected/corrupted a file as Review Order/Display Cart no longer functions on my PC as in showes no item/price contents.You might like to look at this lack of function at www.onshop.com.au
Regards David Timmins

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"Display Cart Empty?"
Posted by Microburst Support Team [support@uburst.com] on at 02:59 PM
Regarding your second question, I went to your site with IE5.5 and had no problem adding rings to my cart, viewing and modifying the cart, and then proceeding to the order form. Are you still having problems or is it possible that you have already fixed the problem?

"Re display not working"
Posted by joatt [timmins@nelsonbay.com] on at 04:38 PM
The problem is still the same (online and PC) the Review Shopping Cart(what is the official name of this window with the "back" and "continue" applet buttons is it "display cart" or "review cart"?) window only showes 3 braceletts in English Pounds not Dollars,(from earlier testing) that can`t be cleared. I have since installed the uShopInitialize applet on my "home page" and configured it for Dollars. You did not cover the question on slow reaction times of "Add" buttons.I am using IE5.5/Windows 2000
David Timmins

"RE: display not working"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 04:36 AM
I tried out your site with Netscape 4.7, Netscape 6.2, and IE 5.5.... and the "Review Cart" page appeared fine each time (although Netscape 4.7 had a non-uShop related problem with your main index.html page so you might want to test that).

What could be causing a problem on some browsers, however, is your CODEBASE setting. That is, I see your regular applets have the CODEBASE set to:


While your "display_cart.html" page has the codebase set to:


... Which do map back to the same classes directory, however, some browsers may not interpret the CODEBASE as being the same and could cause such a problem. See the following reference page for a full description of the CODEBASE parameter and the recommended settings/directory structure:


Also, you may want to try our demo store our at:


.... As we know that demo store is configured correctly.... so based on whether that store works with your browser or not... could determine whether the problem is related to your configuration or your browser.

As for a "slow reaction time of the add" buttons. I'm not seeing that. Technically, the FIRST (and only FIRST) time one of the "Add" buttons is pressed, an additional "uShopData.class" file will be loaded... but that file is very small (about 4K)... so at most you may have a 1 second delay there. After that, you should not be seeing any delay because all the applets are running locally on your browser. Perhaps you are running into a resource/memory utilization problem on your local computer.

In any case, comparing your site to our demo store at:


... could determine whether problem is related to your configuration or your browser.

"Up and running"
Posted by joatt [timmins@nelsonbay.com] on at 00:37 AM
LAST EDITED ON Apr-26-02 AT 05:12 AM (EST)

I posted a request to you via your moderator several days back and as yet have recieved no reply, maby the request was not passed on so will tack it on to this thread.As I stated earlier I am aware that what I am asking may be outside you after sales support paramaters so fully understand if you are unable to assist.I set up my file structures as per your instructions and all worked well, informed my ISP so they could change file structure and up loaded files, when view online there are no images or shopping cart present .Called into my ISP and spent 2 hours with the owner as he tried to re set permissions to to make the file structure work (I have no expertese in this area)His IT person had recently left and as his knowledge was limited in this area he achived no results . His ISP set up is Unix/Apache /FreeDSB4.3 .My directory structure on his server is... home/t/timmins/autocraft/public_html/(my other un related web site)
/onshop/public_html,classes,images,images_os,onshop(plus a few other directorys)/ Any help in this matter would be appreciated
David Timmins