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"What am I doing wrong (on the cgi-script)??"

Posted by Edward [puffie@marine-monsters.com] on at 10:36 PM
I have done everything that I was instructed to:

Answer the 13 questions correctly / upload the cgi-script in ASCII / change mode to 755 / change file type from .pl to .cgi / create an order directory with mode 733 / create an order.template and upload in ASCII. But it just doesn't show or work! I used to be get it to work, but no longer, can someone please tell me what I have done wrong?

URL: www.marine-monsters.com
CGI path: http://www.marine-monsters.com/cgi-bin/ushop_cgiscript.cgi

Thank you very much.


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"A Follow-up to my own post..."
Posted by Edward [puffie@marine-monsters.com] on at 02:40 AM
I finally got it to work flawlessly now (touch wood). I don't know why but the cgi path still cannot be viewed without landing at an error page. But everything seems to work fine regardless. This program seems to be really powerful and smooth if it is configured correctly. But the instructions need to be improved quite a lot (sorry). Basically, info is being scattered everywhere. It is not organized as well. For example, there should be a table to indicate the CHMOD for the cgi script, order directory, order.template, classes, etc... As well as in what form (eg: ASCII, binary) that they should be uploaded. Then, to avoid IE 5.01 problem (ie: applets cannot load at secure order page), the full URL on public server method should be recommended at the beginning FOR ALL applications - since that there is no compromise on the SSL security anyway. If the instructions are more organized and updated, I bet you that this forum will be much less visited and our moderators will have to spend much less time here answering questions.

Just my 2 cents. I love this program. Will seriously consider buying the full version if everything works out fine in the following weeks.