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Posted by joatt [timmins@nelsonbay.com] on at 07:39 PM
Have just purchased Ushop in English UK (I reside in Australia)format thinking it would be English-ised instead of American-ized only to find naturally that the currency default is the British Pound symbol and I need it to be the Dollar symbol I believe I can change the currency symbol in the Initialise Applet and place that applet on the "Home Page" what do I do if the customer enters my site at a page other than the "Home Page" do I include the applet on all pages or is there an easier way to impliment using the dollar symbol through out my site .I note with interest the downloaded test version I was using (US Dollars)displayed Product prices in dollars and still does but now displays shopping cart applets in British Pounds

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"RE: Currency"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 10:23 PM
There are several differences between the US and UK versions of uShop:

- The default currency symbol. ($ or )
- The default date format. (MM/DD/YY or DD/MM/YY)
- Several default labels and settings on the order form.

If you rather use the US version contact our sales department at info@uburst.com to inquire about getting a US license instead of a UK license.

Or if you just want the US currency symbol but want all the other UK defaults, then you should be able to just use the "uShopInternational.class" file that you were using with the trial version. That trial version class file should work fine with full version's class files.

Otherwise, in regard to your concern of customers entering your site at a page that does not have the uShopInitialize applet on it... Since you really just want the currency symbol to be changed to $ ... you just have to make sure the uShopInitialize applet is viewed before the customer views a page with the shopping cart applet on it. So I would suggest putting the uShopInitialize applet on any page with a shopping cart applet... and possibly the page with your uShopOrderButton applet on it.

Posted by joatt [timmins@nelsonbay.com] on at 11:19 PM
Many thanks to you and uShop for your prompt and informative reply, if this is an indication of the level of your after sales service I can only say I am very impressed,not only did you offer solutions but also an alternative to my problem, I will try your suggestion of implermenting the "uShopInternational.class" file first. I would like to stay with the UK version if possible as the mailing/postage defaults more closley resemble those of Australia unless the US mailing /postage defaults can be altered
David Timmins