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"uShopJSI.addProduct oddity"

Posted by jdempsey [guru@anvilfire.com] on at 06:16 PM
I've used uShopJSI.addProduct twice. In both cases an asterisk is displayed after the price. The asterisk is carried through all the displays and reports. It is also appended to zero amounts as $0.00*

Is this on purpose or an error? I've played with formattting the text to no avail as I thought it was some trailing hidden character converted to *.

Here is a temporary test page that will demonstrate it.


Just one of those nagging little things. . .

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"RE: uShopJSI.addProduct oddity"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:25 AM
Asterisks (*) are used to indicate any products that are marked as "non-taxable". If the "taxable" parameter of any input applet or uShopJSI "add" function is set to "NO", then an asterisk will be displayed for that particular product (indicating that it is non-taxable). If you don't want the asterisk displayed next to a particular product, then just leave the "taxable" parameter set to "YES".