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"unable to deleat orders"

Posted by Jeff [design@lamsam.com] on at 09:21 PM
Using version 3.4 I'm unable to deleat old orders from the data file using the Order Reader Deleat Function.
After selecting the order I want to get rid of, clicking the Deleat Button, Confirming My desire to deleat the order, A message confirms the order has been deleated, But its still there in the drop down. And when I look in the Data folder its still there as well.

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"RE: unable to deleat orders"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:34 AM
It sounds like the permissions of your order files are "READ ONLY". FTP to your server and notice the permissions on your order files. Are they read only? Also, try placing a new order and see if new order files are read only?

If necessary, we may be able to add a chmod to your "write_order_file" subroutine (in the ushop-lib.pl script).... By adding:

chmod(0777, $file_name);

Directly after the "close(ORDER_FILE);" line in the "write_order_file" subroutine. I will provide more instructions based on what you discover the permissions of the order files to be.

"delete orders"
Posted by Jeff Samborski [design@ lamsam.com] on at 08:14 PM
Unfortunatly my client has decided to use an NT server to host the store.... It took forever just to get the administrator of the hosting company to set the permissions so we could write the the folder,,,I would love to be able to just CHMOD the folder, but this dam Win server is really the pitts.