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"3.0 UPS Shipping"

Posted by ronharter [rgharter@pacbell.net] on at 09:33 AM
We only ship via UPS and UPS provides a cgi script that you can use to get shipping charges for their various methods. I have a copy of the script on our web page at http://www.excess-solutions.com/shipping.htm where the customer can enter their zip code, the weight of the package, and the method of shipping and get back the shipping cost.

It would really be nice if this could be incorporated in the shopping cart so the shopping cart could use this script to calculate the shipping charges.

UPS seems to be very interested in helping make e-commerce work smoothly.

Have you looked into this and it is possible to do it?


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"RE: 3.0 UPS Shipping"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 03:59 PM
We had looked into an interface to UPS a while ago...and at that time, the interface was not that simple, plus I believe they had their own platform specific script that needed to be installed on your server and we didn't want to get into that. But it has been some time, so we'll take another look at it since that is a feature others will like.

In the mean time, we have left the "Custom Shipping" option open to make it possible to develop your own custom shipping calculation/interface. See section 6.2 in the Programmer's Guide:


"3.0 ups shipping"
Posted by ronharter [rgharter@pacbell.net] on at 06:54 PM
Thanks again Bill.

The new script is on their server so it seems to be better, it also makes it easier if they change the rates. I am not much of a programmer but I will look into the guide. Maybe some of your other customers will find a way to do it also.

All of the information is on the UPS website http://www.ups.com. You have to sign up to get into the My UPS pages but it is free. It seems to be well documented but most of it is greek to me.


"RE: 3.0 ups shipping"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:29 AM
FYI: It does look some improvements have been made to the interface so I went ahead and signed up for the documention. We'll then take a look at it and seriously consider it for a future release.

"3.0 ups shipping"
Posted by ronharter [rgharter@pacbell.net] on at 11:03 AM
Thats sounds good to me. I am sure that many other customers would like this feature also.

With all the ecommerce going on now many companies are doing all they can to get in on it.

My Stamps.com account checks the USPS database to make sure I enter the address the way the post office wants it, finds the zip code if you don't know it, and figures the postage based on the weight from a $50.00 scale connected to the serial port. We don't use this at Excess Solutions but may in the future. You might want to look into that also, not that you don't have other things to do.
Ron Harter

"RE: 3.0 ups shipping"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:49 PM
Well, it doesn't look like we will be able to develop an interface to UPS at this time afterall, as per their response to us:

"Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming number of requests we have received, UPS has determined not to authorize you to develop interfaces to UPS OnLine Tools as a third-party developer at this time."

Oh well.

"3.0 ups shipping"
Posted by ronharter [rgharter@pacbell.net] on at 10:05 AM
Thanks for trying anyway. I am sure they will make this available before to long. It is in their best interest to do it.


"RE: 3.0 - UPS Shipping"
Posted by James on at 12:14 PM
I have a licensed cart script that has a complete UPS subroutine. Works quite nicely. It logs into ups in realtime calculating shipping from current rates anywhere in the world, all available shipping methods. Would that help?

I also need this feature with this cart. This would pretty much finish off my wish list.


"RE: 3.0 - UPS Shipping"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 04:04 PM
Hmmm.... because UPS said that they decided "not to authorize (us) to develop an interface at this time"... I'm not sure if that means we can't help others customize the script for themselves. I'll have to check.

In the meantime, as a hint, you may want to look into customizing the "custom_shipping" subroutine that is located in the "ushop.pl" file. See section 6.2 in the Programmer's Guide for some additional information about customizing that subroutine:


"UPS Shipping Calculations"
Posted by ronharter [rgharter@pacbell.net] on at 10:26 AM

I finally figured out a weight formula for UPS that I can live with by using average charges for different zones. However the way the formula calculates is not correct for UPS. If the package weighs even one ounce over a pound they charge you for the next full pound.
For example I have it set to charge $4.59 + $0.40 for each additional pound. When I placed an order which weighed 2.7 pounds it calculated the shipping charge as $5.67. ($4.59 + (2.7 * .40))It should have calculated this as 3 pounds and charged $5.79. I think most shipping companies use this method or charging for the next full pound except maybe the USPS on packages under a pound. Is there anyway to make this round up to the next full pound?

Ron Harter

"RE: UPS Shipping Calculations"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:12 AM
I suppose you could try using the "custom" shipping option... and then modify the "custom_shipping" subroutine in the "ushop.pl" file such that the following calculations are performed:

# This code will round the weight up to the next integer.
$totals_total_weight = &strip_letters($totals_total_weight);
if ($totals_total_weight != int($totals_total_weight))
$totals_total_weight += 1.0;
$totals_total_weight = int($totals_total_weight);

# And this code will separate the $shipping_table parameter that gets
# passed to that custom_shipping subroutine.
($x1,$y1) = split (/,/, $shipping_table);
$x1 = &strip_letters($x1);
$y1 = &strip_letters($y1);

# Now calculate the shipping total with the formula.
$ret_value = ($x1 * $totals_total_weight) + $y1;

# And finally, add the shipping modifiers (if any).
$totals_shipping_modifier = &strip_letters($totals_shipping_modifier);
$ret_value += $totals_shipping_modifier;