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"Still hasn't solved it"

Posted by Fred Thompson [kickass@cwcom.net] on at 06:50 AM
I'm having the same problem as some other guy...
When you put something in the cart, then go to the order applet or hopping basket applet, it works fine. Then when you go back, add something else to the cart, then return to the exact same page that the order applet or shopping cart applet is on, it fails to load.
I've checked my codebase and it all works (as it shows up the first time so it must work) and it makes no difference. This is really annoying me now as in the end your browser crashes and you have to reload the page and lose everything in your cart. If you can help it'd be greatly appreciated.

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Posted by charlie edmunds [cedmunds@uburst.com] on at 06:09 PM
Hello Fred,

Two things:

1) Make sure that you are using the PUBLIC URL as the codebase of that applets on the secure order page....as described in the January 19th Note at:


2) If you have more that one shopping cart applet and/or order form applet on the same page, the reason your browser may be crashing is the note we described at the 2/17/00 update entry at:


That fix was also made to the uShop Lite versions....so you may want to try re-downloading uShop Lite and replacing the order form applet and the shopping cart applet.

Charlie Edmunds
Microburst Technologies, Inc