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"Changing the letter R to what a field would display"

Posted by spacevortex [shy@hhtc.org.uk] on at 08:16 AM
We use the script in school for teachers to book IT rooms. We have various web accesses that teachers can choose to add to the room F =Full, A=Allow, N=None
These are usually entered into field2 when staff book a room. But the fact that who ever the job falls to has to sit searching through each individual room to find out what the access is can be a right pain, is there anyway to replace the letter R shown on the tiles once the room is booked, with the information entered into a Field

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"Changing the letter R to what a field would display"
Posted by Microburst Support Team [support@uburst.com] on at 12:32 PM
This is not currently a feature in the baseline version of uReserve, however, we have a special version of uReserve available to licensed users which will do what you are looking for.

Submit an official support request from this link:


...with your license number, and we will e-mail you this version of uReserve.

Posted by spacevortex on at 06:17 AM
thanks... i now have the file as well....very fast reply, thanks again.