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"Permissions for the data files"

Posted by Amir Snapir [asnapir@hotmail.com] on at 07:12 AM
It seems to me like the access permissions of the data files are to open. Is there away to control this in the script?

I am not sure whether permissions are the reason for this strange behavior but the message "The reservation was NOT placed on the following dates due to scheduling conflicts" appear to some users every time they make a reservation, for others it appears from time to time, and for other it never appears - even when there is no reservation on this particular time. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Amir.

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"Permissions for the data files"
Posted by Microburst Support Team [support@uburst.com] on at 07:43 AM
The data files are opened and closed from within the script, and their permissions remain such that this can be done. You should not have to touch the data file permissions once they are created.

I would suggest
1) deleting all old reservation files from your data directory, in case this is coming into play in any way. If that doesn't appear to help, then
2) re-install a fresh copy of the script, and see if that fixes the problem.

Perhaps your users are mistaken, the error message is appearing based on the reservation parameters that they have chosen and the fact that the requested reservation does indeed conflict with another reservation that they don't realize?

Last, if none of the above helps, and if you are certain that the error message is being shown when there are no scheduling conflicts, you can submit a support request for us to investigate further, using the form at:

If your purchase is older than 90 days, you will need to follow the instructions at the top of the support form which explain how to purchase technical support online. If you choose to purchase support, you will also need to send us your configured script, all of your data files, plus specific step-by-step details for recreating the problem. We need to see this happen in order to further diagnose.

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