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Posted by Ralph [red6@powergate.ca] on at 03:51 PM
I have been reading the posting in this message board and it has been very helpful to me.

I have a couple of questions before making a fnal purchase of ushop.

I have a single domain name and own the extensions, .com .org .net.
My question is- if order applets are placed on my .net address and the ushop.pl script is on my .com address, will the information be passed from the .net domain to my .com ushop program?

Second question. Can affiliates place the order applets on their websites and have their orders processed on my webiste with them getting their affiliate credit?

Third question. If a customer has their cookies turned off or deny the cookie that is set by ushop and they place an order through an affiliate, will the affiliate still get credit for the sale?

Thank you.

Looks like you have a good product here. Can't wait for your answers to my questions.


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"RE: Cookies."
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:34 AM
In regard to your questions:

1) Yes, you can have your store HTML pages (with uShop applets) installed on one domain.... and the uShop CGI script installed on a different domain and/or server. Just make sure the URL of your script is specified correctly in the "script_url" parameter of the uShopOrderButton applet.

2) If BOTH you and your affiliates specify the codebase of the applets as the FULL URL of the uShop "classes" directory on your server, then any products added on the affiliate site will be maintained in the cart when the customer transfer's to your site. You could also use the uShopInitialize applet's "hidden_extra1" parameter to set a unique value for each affiliate (see the uShop applet reference http://www.uburst.com/uShop/reference/applets.html for more information on that parameter) ... but you have to manually distinguish affiliate orders at the end because the standard uShop Affiliate Tracking features keys off of affiliate cookies and not that "hidden_extra" field.

3) The standard uShop Affiliate Tracking does use cookies to track affiliates and thus requires that the customers have cookies enabled. (See http://www.uburst.com/uShop/cookies.html for more information.)