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Posted by Beverly [craggymountainmusic@brinet.com] on at 07:49 AM
I'm learning as I go with setting up a cart. So far so (almost)good with using the input applets and display cart applet. Now I'm to the point of using the template_cart.html. So here's the question. After I customize it, do I rename it and place it in my store file or does it remain in the classes directory with the template_cart.html name?

One other thing. I can't get the input applets to display my chosen background or text colors.

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"RE: template_cart.html"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:26 AM
In regard to the "template_cart.html" file, when a customer presses the uShopOrderButton applet and goes to the "Review Cart" page, uShop will always look in the "classes" directory for a file called "template_cart.html". So yes, you would want to make any modifications directly to that "template_cart.html" page and keep it in your classes directory. Maybe keep a backup of the original "template_cart.html" page... just in case.

In regard to setting the input applet's background and text colors, those colors are configurable via the "background_color" and "text_color" parameters, such as:

< PARAM NAME="background_color" VALUE="#FFFFFF" >
< PARAM NAME="text_color" VALUE="#000000" >

Where the "value" is actually the RGB value as described in the "COLOR" parameter on this reference page:


So double-check the spelling/format of those parameters .... and if that doesn't resolve the problem, give me the URL and I will take a look at it.