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"User Guide..."

Posted by Clark Pearson [clark@freshwebproduce.com] on at 01:21 AM
Is it just me... or is there a good reason the the Users Guide table of contents is NOT hyperlinked to the corresponding section? This is as basic as it gets.

I'll do it for you and send you the HTML if you would like (and you would use it).


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"RE: User Guide..."
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 09:43 AM
It is. Make sure that you're letting the whole page load first.

Posted by Clark Pearson [clark@freshwebproduce.com] on at 06:52 PM
My bad. You guys didn't help out much by taking the underline off of the links. That's a usability no-no. Sure it's pretty... but then boneheads like me don't get it.

Get rid of the:

a {text-decoration:none}

...it will work better for dumb guys.