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"Verry slow speed"

Posted by schwab ralf [schwab.ralf@friserversand.de] on at 08:04 AM

is work with ushop 3.4 german (and US) version.
Since a few weeks the shopping system works
verry slow.
If you click the button PUT ITEM IN SHOPPING
CART, it takes a long time if the item appears
in the shopping cart.
Have you any suggestion what to do, or on what
this depends ?
You find the website at:


And another questions, have you any idea, how
to determine the speed of the computer where
my data is stored ?

thank you

with best regards

schwab ralf

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"RE: Verry slow speed"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 10:06 AM
Does it seem slow when adding just the first item to the cart... or does it continue to seem slow when adding additional items to the cart?

If it just seems slow when the first item is added but then seems faster when adding additional items, then the problem is probably related to server traffic/load. That is, the first time an item is added to the cart, a couple additional "class" files get downloaded from the server. But after that first item is added, no additional "class" files need to get downloaded from the server so an increase in speed after the first item is added may indicated that it was just taking a while to download the extra "class" files from the server.

Otherwise, if it always seems slow when adding items to the cart... it may just be a problem with your local desktop computer. Possible a memory or resource utilization problem.

You may want to visit our demo at:


And make a performance comparison there.