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"Two Seperate Order Forms"

Posted by Mark Weber [webmaster@coastalpet.com] on at 02:01 PM
I know this questions was asked before but I was still a little unsure on how to implement it. This is my problem. I want to have a one order form for US customers and another for Canadian customers. The Applets can remain the same I just want seperate order forms so I can set up different shipping tables for Canada. Thank You!!


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"RE: Two Seperate Order Forms"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:58 AM
(Assuming that you can't just utilize the different shipping/handling by country options that are available with uShop and that you don't want to implement a custom_shipping subroutine, then...)

Since you want two different order forms ... with two different sets of shipping options ... then you'll need to setup two copies of the "ushop.pl" script... one for the US customers and one for the Canadian customers. So this is what I would suggest:

STEP 1: Install two different copies of the "ushop.pl" script on your server. The easiest way to do this is usually to just create two different subdirectories in your cgi-bin... such as "ushop1" and "ushop2" and then just follow the usual installation instructions to install uShop seperately into each directory.

By having two different copies of the uShop CGI script on your server... each with their own "data" directory, you can use different "order_template.html" files for each copy... Plus, you'll have two uShop control panels by which you can separately configure your shipping options.

STEP 2: After installing two separate copies of the uShop CGI scripts... and configured the "order_template.html" and Shipping Options for each copy... you'll just need to modify your "place order" page (whichever page you have the uShopOrderButton applet on). You should put TWO uShopOrderButtons on your "place order" page ... perhaps with the labels/HTML instructions such that "US Customers Click Here" and "International Customers Click Here". Make sure the "script_url" of each applet corresponds to the correct URL of one of the two uShop CGI scripts that you installed.

This should cause customers who clicked on the "US Orders" button to get your US order forms and the customers who clicked on the "International Orders" button to get your International order forms.