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Posted by rebick [bick@a1webdesign.com] on at 02:29 PM
I have been unable to get the MultiOption1 class to work. I get an error:java.lang.ClassFormatError I have recopied the class file into the subdirectory several times, and I also have other class files that work fine in the subdirectory. Got any ideas? I have cut and pasted from the example page directly into my html the same as what the example is and it still doenst seem to want to work and I get the same error.

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"applet problems"
Posted by charlie edmunds [cedmunds@uburst.com] on at 07:01 PM

Can you send me an url so I can look at the site?

Thanks, Charlie Edmunds

Posted by rebick [bick@a1webdesign.com] on at 11:25 PM
This is a work in progress and the page is not complete, but to see how the class file is going to be used go to: http://www.a1webdesign.com/adamariecom/tv.htm
I am also using the class file uShopInputQuantity3.class on this same page and it seems to be working fine. Both class files are in the same subdirectory as the htm file. I have also tried to get uShopInputMultiOption2.class to work on this page with the same results as Option1.

"applet problems"
Posted by charlie edmunds [cedmunds@uburst.com] on at 08:28 PM

When I looked at your page the applets worked fine. I use IE5. One thing I did notice is that your cgi script wouldn't load. Are you able to get the copyright notice?

As for your applet loading problem: Are you having trouble with Netscape browsers? We just found an issue with the JVM in 4.6 + Netscape browsers and use of multiple carts on the same page. If this is the case then download the latest version of ushop (which addresses this problem).

Charlie Edmunds