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"Schedule by day/week?"

Posted by Craig [cburdett@hvc.rr.com] on at 06:32 AM
Is it possible to modify the scheduling/view to allow display in weeks and/or days?

I need to schedule vacation propery rentals by the week and small equipment rentals by the day.

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"Schedule by day/week"
Posted by Microburst Support Team [support@uburst.com] on at 07:25 AM
uReserve Deluxe, released on Aug. 11, will allow you to configure (thus force) a fixed reservation size, and with this ability you could actually get the rent-by-day functionality because every reservation would be for the entire day.

As for the rent-by-week capability, both uReserve Basic and uReserve Deluxe will let you make "recurring" daily reservations, such that you could achieve a weekly reservation by only giving your user the choice of making a recurring 7-day reservation. (This would be a modification to the script, but we could give you some very simple instructions requiring you to comment out a few lines of code.) uReserve Basic would not however, enforce the fixed reservation size (the all-day) requirement, but uReserve Deluxe could do this.

uReserve Deluxe also allows you to configure your schedule such that it is display either daily, weekly, or monthly, while uReserve Basic only supports a week-at-a-time view of the schedule.

Contact us at support@uburst.com if you need more information.

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