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"Multiple Page Exams"

Posted by Dave [dkbritz@yahoo.com] on at 04:46 PM
I see in the sample Geography demo that the exam is split up over multiple HTML pages. How do you do this? I have an exam that constists of 10 HTML pages, yet when I press the grade button, it only recognizes the 10 answers from the last page.

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"RE: Multiple Page Exams"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:51 AM
Actually, what it sounds like is happening, is that the question "numbers" of the last page are overwriting the questions of similar numbers on the previous pages. Take a look at the HTML of your applets and make sure the "number" parameter, such as:

< PARAM NAME="number" VALUE="1" >

Has a different value for each question/applet... "1", "2", "3".....etc. If any have the same value, the first value will be overwritten. So check that question "number"s on your last page are not overwriting the questions numbers used in the previous pages.

"Multiple Page Exams"
Posted by Dave [dkbritz@yahoo.com] on at 12:20 PM
Thanks, but I checked and all questions have unique values for the question number. When I page through the exam to the last page and click on the grade exam button, it only shows questions from the first page. Could it be the answer sheet template? How does uTest know that from page to page is still the same exam?