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"Submiting information and learning standards"

Posted by Anders Bjornestad [anders.bjornestad@edvantagegroup.com] on at 08:00 AM

Is the uTest-product sending the data in a proprietary format or are you following any standard data format (like AICC, SCORM etc.)
to support reporting of time used, completion status, progress etc.??

If not - any plans for looking into this to ease the integration with standard elearning content?

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"RE: Submiting information and learning standards"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:49 AM
For the "Submit Online" answer option, uTest simply POSTs the data to the uTest CGI script on the server via a standard POST. The format of the data within the POST is such that each of the uTest fields have pre-defined, uTest-specific field names.

As for sending the data in AICC or SCORM format, unfortunately, I'm not familiar with those formats... nor if really would apply for uTest's "Submit Online" answer option. I'm also not aware of any "standard learning" center by which tests can be submitted.... although it would be nice if there was... in which case, we would look into providing an option to interface with it.