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"Why you would want to use uShop with a database back-end"

Posted by Microburst Technologies Support Team [support@uburst.com] on at 07:19 PM
One of the nicest features about uShop is its flexibility. If you have purchased uShop, this was probably one of the primary reasons for your purchase. No predefined templates or layouts. No two uShop stores look alike! All the shopping cart logic is already built-in and just waiting for you to put it to good use, so why not take advantage of this.

With a little programming skill, you can build your uShop store with a product database behind it. This means all you do is keep the database up-to-date, and your web pages will do the rest. You could avoid having to update hundreds of product pages each time your prices change or your product descriptions change, etc., if you go this route!

If you build your uShop store around a database, you could actually build in all kinds of other functionality that would help you run your store, such as keeping inventory numbers and displaying an "out of stock" icon when a product sells out. You can even e-mail yourself when a product quantity is low and needs reordering. The possibilities are endless.

There are a lot of other great things you could do if you hook a database into your online store. And the best part is, there are free tools widely available to help you. We recommend MySQL and PHP, although ASP and ColdFusion can also handle the job (and there are others) and the database could even be Access, Oracle or SQL Server (there are others).

Talk to us at support@uburst.com if you are interested and need help!

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