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"Recurring Events"

Posted by Gregory Laughlin [glaughln@memphis.edu] on at 03:58 PM
I am looking for a scheduling software package for a law school. Your product looks promising. However, before I purchase a copy, I have a couple of questions. 1. Can you schedule a room on a recurring basis rather than having to reschedule each day individually? 2. On the demo page, it allowed me to modify an event even though I did not use the correct password; how effective is the protection provided by the password? 3. Can I download and test-drive the product on our server before I order?

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"RE: Recurring Events"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:12 AM
Thank you for your interest in uReserve. In regard to your questions:

1. Unfortunately, there is no automated feature at this time that will allow you to schedule a recurring event, but that is one of the most popular requests on the future feature wishlist...so more than likely it will eventually get in there. For now, however, you would have to manually go in an schedule the event for each individual day.

2. Depending on the event that you tried to modify on the demo, if the person that created the event didn't specify a password, then yes, other people would be able to modify it. But, if the person creating the event did specify a password, then the password would be required in order to change the event. If in doubt, go ahead and create an event in the demo (with a password)... and then try to change it yourself.

3. Unfortunately, we don't have a trial version of uReserve at this time. But we do have a refund policy as described in our online store:


"Recurring Events"
Posted by Dirk Leeward [Assoc@LeewardAirRanch.com] on at 08:35 AM
We have been looking at UReserve since October and are waiting for recurring events also. Is there as way to notfy us when that feature becomes available? Your web site doesn't seem to have a version information page.

"RE: Recurring Events"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 11:07 AM
Updates will be posted on our uReserve Reference Site:


But if you like, I will add your name/email address to our uReserve update notification list.

"Update notification"
Posted by Dirk Leeward [mailings@triangledevelopment.com] on at 03:42 PM
please add me to your email list