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"ushop 2.0"

Posted by Martin [webmaster@adsandmore.net] on at 12:32 PM
Is it possible to use just the check applet with out any shipping information being needed if so how would I go about doing it.


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"RE: ushop 2.0"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:18 AM

Do you mean you don't want to ask for any shipping information? If so, then perhaps you can use the uShopOrderContact applet which doesn't require all the shipping information... or the uShopOrderCustom applet which allows you to customize the fields.

Or do you mean you just don't want to charge any shipping? If so, then try setting the "shipping" parameter to something like:

< PARAM NAME="shipping" VALUE="Free Shipping,FLAT_RATE,$0.00" >