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"Pop Up Error at the new display_cart,html page"

Posted by Paul W Abernathy [N2PETZ@aol.com] on at 11:31 PM
Hello Everyone,

I downloaded the updates for 01/02/02 and installed them. however, now when someone places a order a box pops up and says error and do they want to continue beyond this error and when you click yes it locks up. I tried the last display.html on the update back in october and it works fine...is their something wrong with the new display_cart.html that would cause a java error message on the screen...and can we use the old display_cart.html...need to know so I can put the new html page up if it is the reason for some problems with netscape?

Paul Abernathy

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"RE: Pop Up Error at the new display_cart,html page"
Posted by Joseph Pishgar [support@uburst.com] on at 02:56 PM
Hello Paul,

Going to your site and trying to place an order, I get the error-
"If you see this message, then there is probably a problem with your CODEBASE setting.
Error Code: U0003"

Looking at your code, I see that your Codebase is "CODEBASE="http://www.radiopet.com./classes/"
The dot after radiopet.com is probably whats messing you up. Try using either just ./classes/ or just http://www.radiopet.com/classes/ and see if that remedies the problem.

Hope this helps.

Joseph Pishgar
Microburst Technologies, Inc.

"RE: Pop Up Error at the new display_cart,html page"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 04:05 PM

Make sure you:

1) Replaced ALL of the class files with the new class files released with version 3.45.

2) Make sure you replace the old "display_cart.html" file with the new "display_cart.html" file included with version 3.45.

3) Make sure you put the new "display_cart2.html" into your classes directory also.

On a side note, since you mentioned that it worked fine when putting the old "display_cart.html" page back on your server... that really points to the problem being item #1 ... ALL of the class files were not replaced... I say this because the old "display_cart.html" page will NOT work with the new class files.

"RE: Pop Up Error at the new display_cart,html page"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 04:16 PM
Also Paul,

If you're not using the default "../classes/" codebase for your applets, then make sure you edit the new "display_cart.html" and "display_cart2.html" pages in order to put your codebase in there for the uShopJSI applet.

"Thanks Bill"
Posted by Paul Abernathy [Info@radiopet.com] on at 08:40 PM

I have not tried that yet but I bet that is the problem since I do use a direct path to the area rather than just the ../class/ so that might be the problem..I will edit them and make the changes..Thanks again for wonderful support.

Paul Abernathy,CEO