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"Discount Applet"

Posted by Marcel Emmen [info@emmenmode.nl] on at 09:52 AM
Please help!

I have install the uShopDiscount2.class
I have set discount_table to Winter=35%
I have set classification VALUE=Winter

because i use a database all codebase are set to http://www.emmenmode.nl/

all applets are in the root.

And the price isn't changing!!!!

Please use the following links to test
test page for uShopDiscount2 http://www.emmenmode.nl/opruiming.html

test page call from database; http://www.emmenmode.nl/cgi-bin/db.cgi?db=shopping&uid=default&view_records=1&ID=*&merk=Gieswein&doelgr_nl=kinder&sb=1&so=descend&nh=1&mh=1

Please hurry end off this week starts the discount

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"RE: Discount Applet"
Posted by Joseph Pishgar [support@uburst.com] on at 01:55 PM
Hello Marcel,

The discount applet appears to be working properly for us in the browser.
The price change that the discount applet puts into affect takes place in the shopping cart applet, and where the subtotal is shown. The discount applet does *not* affect the prices shown by the actual ordering applets themselves.

For instance, if you have an applet that lets you add one pencil for 1 EURO, and an applet that discounts all pencils by 20%, the applet that you use to add the pencil to the cart will still show up as 1 EURO, while the shopping cart itself will show the discount.

A helpful tip in using discount applets is to note to the customers that there is a discount, and that it will take affect when you add things to the cart. This would be done in just plain HTML.

Hope this helps.

Joseph Pishgar
Microburst Technologies, Inc.