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"Barter Help? Moving Ustore pages from 2.x to 3.x"

Posted by Mark Bishop [mark.bishop@pobox.com] on at 07:09 PM
I help volunteer and manage this non-profit health food site and I am short on time, like all of us, and I was curious if anyone out there wants to swap services for helping me to move the pages from the old uShop to the newer version, 3.x? Most of the site can be searched and replaced, I think. There's maybe 100 pages or less.

I can either pay you, or in return I specialize in marketing and promoting web sites. Maybe your site needs some promotional work, submission to the major search engines, or a press release? If interested, write me directly and maybe we can work something out.

Thank you.

Mark Bishop
http://www.vegefood.com Enter the food store

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