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"Evaluation Software Question"

Posted by Roberto Diaz [rdiaz63@netscape.net] on at 07:19 PM
Hi to whom it may concern.

I'm evaluating your software and I download a trial version for testing. I like to create a test like the one you have on space demo using the Java Script Example 2 uTestJSI.answerQuestion() MULTIPLE CHOICE and the uTestNextButton1 applet with the answer status window at the buttom of the page.

The problem is when I press the uTestNextButton1 button Instead of displaying the answer_explanation on the same page it open another full size page and display the explanation on this.

Do you have any example source I can use to implement this kind of page?



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"RE: Evaluation Software Question"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 07:12 AM
The key to that Space Sciences demo is setting up a main page with two frames, in our case, we called the top frame (where the questions are displayed) "FRAME1". We called the bottom frame (the answer status window) "FRAME2".

You then reference those frames in your uTestNextButton applet. In particular, set:

< PARAM NAME="next_page_target" VALUE="FRAME1" >
< PARAM NAME="message_target" VALUE="FRAME2" >

If the frames specified by those two applet parameters do not match the frame names that you are using for your test, then it will cause a new window to be displayed as you are seeing.

So make sure the frame names used in those two applet parameters match the frame names that you are using.

Feel free to view the source code of the Space Sciences demo as an example:




"Evaluation Software Question"
Posted by Roberto Diaz [rdiaz63@netscape.net] on at 02:39 PM

Thank you very much for your advice. I create my first pages and every thing looks find. I am not very familiar with Web or Java script langauage but you product is easy to understand and configure.

I have one last question. I want to control the time the student is taking the test and send the student directly to the review page when the time is over. Is there any way that I can do that.



"RE: Evaluation Software Question"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 08:06 AM
Unfortunately, there is no built-in feature to do that at this time, but the uTest JavaScript API does include a method to get the current test time:

uTestJSI getTestTime()

So you could write a JavaScript that continuously checks the test time... and then automatically re-directs the student when the test time is up.

"Evaluation Software Question - Multiple Tests"
Posted by Roberto Diaz [rdiaz63@netscape.net] on at 09:30 PM
Hi Bill,

Is there any limitation of the amount of questions you can create for a single test when using the uTest evaluation software?

I'm experiencing the following problem: I created two tests, one have ten (10) questions and the other have thirty two (32). The first test works perfectly and perform grade and display the answer sheet correclty. The second test display the questions correctly until you reach question number eleven. From questions higher than eleven, the web does not record the answers and display the answer_explanation message although the question is correct.

I checked the source code for errors but everything looks find. I found that if you modify the question_number parameter from the uTestNextButton2 method to a value between 1 and 10 the page works find. Any value greter than 10 on the question_number parameter produce the error reported.

I almost finish the evaluation of the software and I will buy it as soon as I solve this problem.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.




"RE: Evaluation Software Question - Multiple Tests"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:33 AM
You are correct. The trial version of uTest is limited to only 10 questions, as described at:


The full version has no question number limitation.

"RE: Evaluation Software Question - Multiple Tests"
Posted by Roberto Diaz [rdiaz63@netscape.net] on at 03:28 PM

Thank you very much for your help in this issue.



"Evaluation Software Question - Bougth"
Posted by Roberto Diaz [rdiaz63@netscape.net] on at 12:49 PM
Hi Bill,

I ordered the uTest software a couple of days ago, but I haven't receive confirmation of the order neither download instructions.

What can I do about it.

Best Regards


"Evaluation Software Question - Brought"
Posted by Microburst Sales Team [info@uburst.com] on at 01:55 PM
Hello Roberto,
A check of our sales records indicate you purchased the uTest software on Feb. 14. Your license and download information were sent on Feb. 14th to the email address you specified in the order netscape.com - however after looking at your email posts in this forum it appears that your email address is @netscape.net.
We have resent your download and license information to the address posted in the forum. If you still do not receive the information - just email us at info@uburst.com and we will resend it.

Microburst Sales Team