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"secure http"

Posted by anil [avanddv@yahoo.com] on at 08:23 PM

our webhost (aitcom.net) doesnot allow us
to put any cgi file in the directory
that can use secure http, so what should I do?

Is ushop.cgi the only file that I need to put in
"secure" directory?

aitcom.net wants me to pay ~$99/year to be able
to place a cgi file which can be accessed using
"https://" (from www.securelook.com).
Is there any alternative?


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"RE: secure http"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 11:16 PM
In order for uShop to be secure, you must install the uShop CGI Scripts on the secure server, as described at:


The only alternative would be that technically, if you are using one of uShop's built in payment processing systems (Authorize.Net, LinkPoint, or ClickPay)... then you do not need a secure server because the sensative credit card information is collected on those payment processing systems' servers. See the following reference page for more information about payment processing systems: