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"About CD Print out order forms and processing"

Posted by Matt Kachurak [matt@websystemz.com] on at 11:37 AM
Several months ago, I sent a question regarding placing my catalog on CD and got a good response saying that you guys would be willing to do it for me. Well... now I'm calling on you to help me in doing that.

I get as far as reviewing the display_cart.html page with all items loaded and ready to paid for. Now, all I need is the information on how to actually PRINT the order form, whether it be for C/C, Fax, Mail, or check/Money order.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks again guys. I've had versions 2 & 3 of your product now... and it just seems to be getting better all the time!

Thanks so much!
Matt Kachurak

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"RE: About CD Print out order forms and processing"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 11:27 PM
The standard uShop CD-ROM capabilities, include the ability to put the applets/html pages on CD-ROM... thus allowing the customer to browse the store and add items to the shopping cart... but once the customer is ready to check out, you would still need to link them to the uShop CGI script on your server in order to complete the order process. (So in other words, you just have to link your customers from your uShopOrderButton applet to the uShop CGI script installed on your server.)

The custom uShop CD-ROM capabilities that we offer, allow customers to actually fill out the order forms on CD-ROM... so that orders can be printed for phone, fax, or mail orders ... without ever having a connection to the internet.

The following reference page provided more information on these two options:


"ok... so how much will it cost?"
Posted by Matt Kachurak [matt@websystemz.com] on at 08:49 PM
OK... I've read over the page that you referenced. How much does it cost? As a matter of fact Bill.... I 'believe' it was actually you that I spoke to originally about it.

If you could give an idea on cost because I get updates every month and need to add new items all the time.

Right now, as it stands, I have over 2500 items. Add anywhere from 30-100+ a month. Do each of the applets that you send need to updated if I add products also? (don't forget about the cost question, thanks Bill)

Thanks again,

"RE: ok... so how much will it cost?"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:23 AM
In general, the cost to have us develop the custom stand-alone CD-ROM order process is around $799... plus the $199 for the uShop license if you don't already have one. But contact our sales department at info@uburst.com for more specifics on that.

As for updates to your CD-ROM, you control all of the HTML for your product pages, so you can change those whenever you want to release a new CD.... without any interfacing with us. That is, after we develop you're first custom stand-alone CD-ROM process for you, you can re-use the custom applets, JavaScripts, and HTML on any updates you make to your CD.... and the only time you would need to contact us again, would be if you want to change something developed into your custom order process ... such as the tax/shipping calculations (which most people have us just set to 0 anyway).